“I travel to NYC for work every two months or so. I go to Physical Culture Collective every opportunity I get. It is a fun, safe and effective fitness environment. I always have great workouts and intelligent conversations with owner Gavin Van Vlack. A unique workout facility. Can’t wait to go back!!!!”
-Chris Robinson World renowned coach, Author and Pilates Instructor

“I’ve been going to Pcc since August. It’s 100% transformed the way I view movement. The classes are fun and energized. As a woman I was very intimated going to a martial art setting but I was welcomed and respected by all members. I would highly recommend going to this gym if you are looking for a fun work out and a community.”
– Brenda Delgado

“I’ve been going to PCC for about a month now. Having just the very basic training in kickboxing prior and no knowledge of Muay Thai, I can feel my improvement with each session! Gavin is patient, kind, technique-driven and just plain awesome! The same can be said for Sandy, our black-belt BJJ coach who is very very patient towards newbies like me. Hannah is a phenomenal kettelbells coach and I can go on and on! Oh, did I mention the best doggo trainer called Musashi? And the studio is Clean with a capital C? …. well you just have to come over to experience it!”
– Samantha Xu

“Physical Culture Collective hits all the marks of top notch training. As a martial artist and someone with a few nagging injuries I felt safe in his care. He understands the demands of the moving body and the mental efforts to get you to the right place.
The facility itself is “active zen”. Clean, warm, welcoming and most importantly have the coolest toys!”
– Phoenix Carnevale Actress/ Martial Artist/ Commentator

“I have trained at a variety of gyms and have never been to one quite like this one. This place is a gem. When I took Muay Thai classes in the past at other gyms I felt like they were more of just a work out class. At PCC my technique has improved greatly in such a short time. I love all of the instructors there so much. Brent, Gavin, and Sinclair never miss an opportunity to help improve technique so you don’t develop bad habits. It truly feels like a family. The women at this gym are so welcoming and exceptional as well. If I have an injury, my training partners text me the next day to see if I’m okay. I feel very cared about and like I belong to a community at PCC. Also my 9 year old son goes to the Kids Muay Thai program and his attention has improved in such a short time. He has difficulty focusing and Sinclair is very patient and encouraging with him. I feel very grateful I walked into this gym and I found my forever home.”
– Alexandra Romero

“I have been training here since the beginning of the year and could not be happier with my experience here! I came in as a complete beginner and the team here has helped me progress more than I could have ever hoped. Everyone here from the students to coaches are the nicest and most helpful people I have ever come across. It doesn’t matter if you are training to fight or just want to get in better shape, this is an incredible place to train and I highly recommend to anyone and everyone that is thinking of trying it out. You will come for the workout but stay for the community.”
– Jake O’donnell

“I look for three things whenever I train at a gym or studio. Quality coaches, clean facility and a environment that promotes movement and growth. Nailing all three check boxes doesn’t happen often in fitness as many facilities rely largely on gimmicks and trends to draw people in. Physical Culture Collective (PCC) excels on my big 3. The space is laid out well, clean and has creates the energy to get things done. The coaching staff is top notch and actually knows the how, and, more importantly, the why behind what they do. Check this place out.”
– Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner Fury Industries, Coach Fury Podcast
World recognized Physical Culturist, and Fitness Presenter

“Gavin and I met at an Equinox on the upper east side in 2007. He was one of their best and most senior trainers at the time. I had recently graduated from chiropractic school and was looking for a skilled trainer to network with.
I spent about a month working out while keeping a keen eye on the trainers and specifically, their interaction with clients. Gavin stood out. Not only in his approach to healthy movement and fitness, but also how engaging and enthusiastic he was. You could see his clients feed off his positive energy and the results were dramatic.
Shortly after we were introduced I began referring my patients to him. His knowledge of biomechanics and training paradigms was more in-depth than most chiropractors and physical therapists. My patients and I were thrilled. So much so that I decided to train with him myself.
Getting a personal trainer was something I never thought I would do but working with Gavin has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for my body, mind and spirit.”
– Karim ElDada, DC, CSCS

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