“Martial Arts training is skill based play that can be used for sport or self-defense”

Diamondheart Striking & Grappling / Physical Culture Collective is a 2400 square foot Martial arts , Strength and Movement studio located on the borders of Bushwick, Bed Stuy, and WilliamsBurgh Brooklyn that host high level Muay Thai , Grappling, and Athletic Development programs that are designed to be able to accommodate everyone from the fitness beginner to the competitive martial arts practitioner. 

We are proud of the open, inviting, and supportive community we have built from our membership base to our coaching staff. Our clients, members and athletes  are encouraged to learn through gradual course corrections and grow progressively at a rate they feel comfortable and safe with while having fun and developing sustainable martial arts and movement skills they can carry with them not only in the gym but also in their everyday life.

What people are saying about Us

After Training at this gym for 2 years all I can express is immense gratitude. Here, I’ve found friends. family, mentors and most of all I’ve found a place where I can continuously work on my self with an awesome community that pushes me forward. The environment here is safe and free of any toxicity you’d find in other gyms. The coaches are very adept and will help you reach your goals as a hobbyist or as a competitive fighter. Please do yourself a favor and try the free week trial to experience it for yourself.

Diamondhear PCC is my home and I will rep their colors proudly! Play often, y’all!

Mago Danger,
Fantastic gym with a huge breadth of class offerings and top tier instructors throughout. You can find a class for almost any fitness goal you have and at any level you are at, whether you’re a complete beginner or at an advanced level, and there are so many classes for martial arts, strength & conditioning work or improving your mobility & foundational fitness.

This gym has a great & supportive community, and all of the instructors really look after you and are invested in helping you grow both physically & personally. The pricing is also very straightforward and gives you access to all classes, which is a great value if you take full advantage of your membership and attend regularly.

I’ve been coming here almost every day for the past 6 months, and although I had to move out of town I still plan to visit often because this really is the best gym in the area. Thank you to Gavin for creating such a great environment, and thanks to Coaches Hugo, Scott, Jin, Will, Matt, Jesse, Hannah, Brianna, and Xtina for taking me in as a complete beginner and helping me grow!

Priyank Bhatia,

I love this gym. I’ve been coming to diamond heart for about a year and half and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I had zero combat sport experience prior to joining and I had no idea what I was getting into. But every coach (and member!) is so welcoming and patient. There’s no macho nonsense and it is a safe space for women to learn martial arts (something I was terrified about prior to joining).

Additionally, I started personal training with Coach Alex a few months ago. Training with him is the best part of my week. I feel strong (and, importantly, motivated to keep getting stronger), I’m comfortable in weight room, and I’m not in pain all the time from previous injuries.

In conclusion: the coaches and members are so nice. The owner, Gavin, has done a spectacular job cultivating a welcoming and inclusive culture. Come to this gym.

Caitlin Hickey,

This place has been my home for almost two years now! I had zero background in martials arts when I started at Diamond Heart, but wanted to learn Muay Thai and felt welcome here since day 1. Even before day 1, I was emailing the owner about my goals and getting excited to start training. The coaches are wonderful at helping you level up no matter where you’re at and they always make the atmosphere fun and inviting. Whether you are looking to get in great shape or train for a fight, I can’t recommend this place enough.

Jenna Hill,

The instructors are highly experienced and incredibly approachable and patient. As someone who’s just starting out in grappling and admittedly takes a bit more time to catch on, their support means the world to me. They’ve consistently prioritized my safety while also pushing me to improve. I couldn’t be more grateful for their guidance.

Mike Lee,



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