muay thai

Our Muay Thai program is graded in 3 tiers, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Beginner -Our members that are new to the art are given a solid curriculum of fundamentals, including both bag and padwork  allowing the ability to train 3-5 classes a week and building a structured and solid foundation that will allow them not only move up to the intermediate program with confidence but become a great training partner.

Intermediate– Members are introduced partner drilling concepts to higher level padwork drills the will challenge participants safely as move toward mastery of there new skills.

AdvancedTested: Athletes are given higher level partners drilling concepts and also introduced to understanding how to apply safe methods of sparring with their  training partners.


BJJ group photo

Open to both beginners and advanced athletes. Headed up by Clockwork Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Sensie Sandy Nuñez, Students are given scalable, Useful, and practical concepts  in both disciplines of Gi (traditional) and No Gi (Submission Grappling) Jiu Jitsu. Starting at white belt, participants will build the skills to gradually grow through the traditional Jiu Jitsu belt system.


class lifting kettlebells

We chose to label our “strength and conditioning” program as an athletic development program as it is geared toward making our members and athletes better at there chosen disciplines as well as as outside activities they might like to partake in.

Using structured programing members will use, Kettlebells, bodyweight, bands and other non traditional tools to develope solid foundational strength that will not only improve there chosen activities and help them to loose fat and engage good useful muscle while having a great time.

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