Hey Folks!! We are really excited about this upcoming workshop with Jason C Brown from Kettlebell Athletics!

For those of you who are not familiar with Jason, He is one of the the top educators in the coaching field and has worked with many high level big box gyms as well as smaller boutique fitness studios to teach coaches and staff ground breaking interactive methods of play based training and movement.

He and Coach Gavin have been friends for several decades and have both worked together to develop and educate coaches.

This will be the 1st time that his “Art of Play” series workshop will be presented in the area and he is stoked to be doing it at PCC.

These methods are interactive and perfect for martial arts formats and we are used to working with training partners on a regular basis and these concepts will definitely expand the size and capability of your training toolbox.

He is offering this workshop at a super affordable price and we encourage all members to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge and capabilities.

Check out the video and We have included a sign up link below.